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Week 5: Reorganizing thoughts

I spent the week at the SAMSI workshop for Uncertainty Quantification. Random variables were active everywhere, assimilating data, representing uncertainty in climate models, being represented by samples, polynomials, gradients, etc…. For me there has been a lot of thinking but … Continue reading

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Week 4: Breaking and Rebuilding Week 3

Last week we created random expressions within SymPy by including random symbols within sympy expressions. We discussed some simple examples like the addition of two dice or two normal random variables. I expressed at the end of the post that … Continue reading

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Week 3 – Random Variables

This week sees the first implementation of random variables. Random variables are SymPy symbols which carry around ProbabilitySpace information. In expressions they interact just like normal SymPy symbols until special functions (like PDF or expectation_value) are called, at which point … Continue reading

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Week 2 – Events

Last week we talked about building sets. This week, we built events and the formalism behind them. An events is a set attached to a probability space. For example if we have three colored dice we can talk about the … Continue reading

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